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Welcome to Swordfight USA, the hub for all things Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). We're on a mission to elevate HEMA, connect enthusiasts, and foster a thriving community. One of the ways we achieve this is by offering HEMA instructors, practitioners, and enthusiasts the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and insights to our platform. By becoming a contributor, you can not only share your expertise with a broader audience but also gain valuable exposure for your own endeavors.

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Reach a Wider Audience

Share your expertise with our growing community of HEMA enthusiasts. Your articles will be seen by fellow practitioners, students, and curious newcomers from all around the world.

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Demonstrate your expertise in your chosen field of HEMA. Whether you're passionate about a specific weapon, historical period, or technique, your contributions will establish you as a respected authority.

Backlinks to Your Site

We believe in giving credit where it's due. As a contributor, you'll have the opportunity to include backlinks to your own website, social media profiles, or instructional resources. This can drive traffic and boost your online presence.

What We're Looking For

Diverse Topics

We welcome articles on a wide range of HEMA-related topics. This includes weapon-specific techniques, historical research, training methodologies, event experiences, and more. If it's relevant to HEMA, we're interested.

Quality Content

We value well-researched, informative, and engaging content. Your articles should provide value to our readers, whether they're beginners seeking guidance or experienced practitioners looking for insights.


We encourage original content that hasn't been published elsewhere. Share your unique perspectives and discoveries with our community.

The Submission Process

Pitch Your Idea

Start by pitching your article idea to us. Provide a brief summary and outline of what you plan to write about. We'll review your proposal and provide feedback.

Writing Guidelines

Once your idea is approved, adhere to our writing guidelines. These include formatting, style, and citation requirements. We aim for consistency in our content.

Review and Editing

Our team will review your draft for accuracy, clarity, and alignment with our guidelines. We may suggest revisions to ensure your article meets our standards.

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As a contributor, you'll have your own author profile on Swordfight USA. This is where readers can learn more about you and access your published articles.


We actively promote our contributors and their articles through our website, social media channels, and newsletters. Your insights will reach a broader audience.

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Connect with Readers

Engage with readers through comments on your articles. Answer questions, provide additional insights, and connect with fellow HEMA enthusiasts.


Collaboration is at the heart of HEMA. Connect with other contributors, share knowledge, and explore opportunities for joint projects or events.

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By becoming a contributor to Swordfight USA, you're not only sharing your passion for HEMA but also actively contributing to the growth and enrichment of our community. We invite you to take part in this exciting journey and help us elevate HEMA together.

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If you're eager to contribute to Swordfight USA and share your HEMA knowledge, get started by pitching your idea today. Join us in making HEMA accessible, informative, and engaging for enthusiasts worldwide. Together, we'll continue to write the history of this captivating martial art.

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