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Steel Jam II

Steel Jam II

August 26, 2023 | Winter Park, Florida 32792

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Welcome to the Jam - Steel Jam!

Steel Jam is a quarterly tournament series designed to fill the training gaps in our local HEMA events structure by providing recurring opportunities to gain invaluable hosting, judging, and fighting experience in a thrilling and competitive environment.

Our goal is to maintain a consistent tournament schedule that will be available to support all clubs, all weapons, and all fighters in our area with bigger and better events.

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Steel Jam II



Steel Jam is an event that brings together HEMA fighters from across Florida and beyond. We want to stress that everyone is welcome and should not be discriminated by gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, religion (or lack thereof) or physical appearance. Any harassment is grounds for dismissal from the event, and a potential ban from future Steel Jam tournaments. Furthermore, we are here to have fun, not get hurt. We take force levels seriously, and fighters will be punished for hitting too hard or unsafe behavior. The Steel Jam staff reserves the right to eject people from tournaments if they feel their opponent is at risk for injury. You may report any violations to Steel Jam event staff. 


  • In short, make others feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Discriminatory language or conduct will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and ableist remarks. 
  • Refer to others using only the names and pronouns they tell you. If you can’t remember, ask. If you want to call someone by a nickname, make sure they are okay with it being used publicly.
  • Keep political discussions out of the training space and social gatherings. One of the virtues of HEMA is it’s ability to build a community, and politics will not help achieve that goal.  


In short, value the safety of others as well as your own.

If we discover you have severe incidents with other groups (HEMA, other martial arts, events, etc.) and could be a threat to the safety of Steel Jam staff members or attendees, you will be banned from Steel Jam-hosted events.

Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to:

  • seeking sexual attention with implicit or explicit threats or rewards;
  • pressure to engage in sexual activity, whether subtle or direct; 
  • leering at or making comments about a person’s body or appearance;
  • sexual jokes or offensive sexual language; 
  • displaying pictures or objects that have any gender depicted as sexual objects;
  • unwelcome physical contact;
  • unwanted electronic communications through social media, text messaging, etc., especially that of a sexual nature; and
  • other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature, or directed at a person because of that person’s gender.

Any other kinds of harassment or abuse will not be tolerated. For example:

Retaliation against any individual for either filing an incident report or for assisting with the investigation of an incident report will be seen as harassment.

  • Do not intentionally injure anyone. If you purposely disregard the safety of those around you, you will be banned from Steel Jam-hosted events.
  • Read and learn the rules, in both the general rules and tournament-specific rules. Do not fence in ways or with gear that is in violation of these rules. If you have a question, ask.  


  • Steel Jam rents the facilities we use, so take care of the property and report any damage to a Steel Jam staff member immediately.
  • Be careful of damaging the training floor tiles. Do not push or rest sword tips on the floor and do not drop or throw heavy equipment on the floor if they may cause damage.
  • All personal items and gear must be stored as close to the wall as possible or outside of the training floor. Do not leave items out where someone can step or trip on them.
  • Place any garbage in the appropriate receptacle or take it with you.
  • Clean up after yourself in all areas, including the restrooms. 


Rules are subject to change up to the commencement of the tournament.

All participants must be 18 or older.  You will be required to sign a waiver to participate.


The space we are graciously allowed to use has thin mats on the floor. It is up to us to make sure they stay clean. The facility requires mat-safe shoes be used on the mats. If you are not changing shoes to get onto the mats, you must clean your shoes with the provided cleaning materials before stepping onto the mats.  

  • Good shoes: Running shoes washed soles, wrestling shoes, soft rubber soled shoes, etc.
  • Bad shoes: Hiking boots, work boots, cleats, God-forsaken CROCS, etc.

Parking is somewhat complicated, but the biggest rules are: Do not park in front of the Dialysis Center. Do not park behind the building. Park in front of or around the side of the Dojo only, or look for signs indicating overflow parking. 

Respect the bathrooms of this borrowed space. Clean up after yourself. If there is an issue of concern, PLEASE find a Steel Jam member to help sort it out. We would rather know about a problem and sort it out than leave it unresolved and get in trouble with the facility. 

Do not, under any circumstances, interact with the gear or other property of the dojo that is not meant for shared use. This includes their training instruments, merchandise, clothing, trophies, etc..


In the use of HEMA weaponry there are times when you would wish to use more or less debilitating striking mechanics, but if you don’t demonstrate high quality strikes when asked to, it shows you are not capable of them. It is our goal to stress test high quality striking interpretations and push the fighters to achieve these. There are many other existing venues which test a fencer's skill and ability to achieve touches. 


  • All fighters will be expected to fight with both skill and control.
  • Fighters are expected to act professionally, and respectful to the officiating staff.
  • Fighters are expected to follow the commands of the tournament staff at all times.


Fighters are able, and encouraged, to self-call attacks received; however this is not required. A fighter who self-calls is only able to provide information to the match director, who may choose to use or discard the information as appropriate (e.g. if the attack was flat). A fighter may only self-call in a manner which rewards their opponent. Valid self-calls are:

  • Indicating they were struck if judges missed the call.
  • Indicating they were struck in a higher value target than the judges are indicating.
  • Indicating that they did not strike the opponent.
  • Indicating that they struck the opponent in a lower value target than indicated.


Penalties will be assessed as Safety or non-Safety. Safety penalties are escalating in nature, and follow the following escalation:

  • Verbal warning.
  • Point(s) deduction.
  • Forfeit of the match.
  • Expulsion from the tournament.

Based on the severity of the infraction a director may choose to skip steps of escalation. Safety penalties are tracked across all tournaments and the director will base the escalation of the first offense based on the fighter’s prior safety record.

Non-Safety penalties are point deductions, and do not result in any disciplinary action.


All fighters are expected to be ready to fight as soon as their match is called. This includes:

  • Being queued up behind their corner.
  • Having all their gear on.



Open sparring matches run to a limit of 10 exchanges, unless no one is waiting to use the ring. 

Anyone, including spectators, may call a hold for safety reasons at anytime, so please pay attention. 

Mixed weapon matches are allowed, but each competitor must be properly geared up to protect them from the weapon that the other person is using. 

Do not mix steel and synthetic weapons in any match. Steel on steel, or synthetic on synthetic. 

There will be NO THROWING, TAKEDOWNS, OR GROUND GRAPPLING ALLOWED. The floors are only slightly padded, but it’s still unsafe. 


  • All fighters will be expected to fight with both skill and control.
  • Fighters are expected to act professionally, and respectful to the officiating staff.
  • Fighters are expected to follow the commands of the tournament staff at all times.


The following equipment in good condition is required for all sparring:

  • Padded Gambeson or Jacket rated to at least 350N (NOT including motorcycle jackets or padding)
  • Fencing pants that extend at least from the knee to the waist, rated to at least 350N.
  • Masks with back of the head protection are required.
  • Trachea protection that protects the throat from a direct thrust is required.
  • Testicle protection is required.
  • Rigid breast protection is recommended but not required.
  • Hard elbow protection, that covers the 3 points of the elbow.
  • Hard knee protection that covers the knee and side of knee.
  • No exposed skin will be permitted.
  • Sufficiently protective gloves for the weapon you are fencing against.
  • Sufficiently protective jacket for the weapon you are fencing against.
  • Shin and forearm protection are highly recommended. 




When Registering for Steel Jam, please be sure to choose the registration type that fits with the activities you are going to participate in at the event (See below for Details).

If you have selected General Admission, you will be asked which tournaments you would like to participate in. Where applicable select the level that you want to compete at and press the "+add" button to place them in your cart for checkout.

You will have the opportunity to review your selection on the "Cart" page, if everything is correct, please select the "Check Out" button to proceed.

You will also be asked if you would like to purchase a pizza ticket or pizza pass, which will enable you to join us in ending the day with a Pizza Party.

Next you will be asked to complete registration form for the person attending the event, name, contact info, club or school affiliation, and to sign the Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement.

If you are registering for a minor that you are a parent or legal guardian of, please fill out the registration with their name. The waiver will switch to asking for parental consent once you put in their date of birth. 

Once you complete the registration form and signed the waiver, press the "Submit" and "Checkout" buttons to proceed to the payment form.

Once you have paid for your registration, you will receive an email receipt as well as an additional email to access your tickets electronically.

Should you have any trouble through this process please do not hesitate to connect with us either through the chat button or emailing us at


    General Admission Tickets get you in to the event where you are able to watch the tournaments and participate in any non-tournament activities.

    General Admission is required in order to participate in tournaments, and there are additional tournament registration fees for each tournament you participate in.


    If you are attending Steel Jam, and are bringing a child 12 and under with you, they are able to register at not charge, and they are able to spectate, however we still need you to complete their registration form.


    We are hosting two tournaments at Steel Jam II - “Straight to the Point" - Single Rapier Tournament and “Headhunter Fechtschule” - Longsword. You will need to purchase entry for each tournament you would like to compete in.

Tournaments at Steel Jam II

Grab a pizza pass at Steel Jam I and join us for Marco's Pizza!



During registration, you are going to be asked if you want pizza - we are having pizza at the end of the event and we'd love for you to join us, so please buy a pizza ticket (or pizza pass) for everyone in your party that will be eating with us (including children).

Steel Jam II Location

4100 Metric Drive, Winter Park, Florida 32792
United States of America

August 23, 2023